Deep web what it really is

Hello, I will keep this post very “simple” and make it “sticky”

In it I will talk once again about the Deep Web, but no images/bullshit. The point is, the more and more I approach people and try to find out what they know about the subject, the worst it gets 🙂

There is a huge amount of disinformation about this!

Iam not going technical on terms like Deep Web, Darknet, Dark web. I did it already along the way on this blog.

When I use the term Deep web on this post, Iam well aware that it is not technically correct, Iam using it on the most popular idea of what the deep web represents for the majority of people around the world…

First and foremost, utmost persons not “technology inclined” have no clue at all about the Deep web. 90% of the ones who have some idea, have the wrong idea…

So here it is the reality of the Deep Web (again this is technically incorrect at some levels, its just an easy approach Iam giving for everyone to understand)

When someone refers to the Deep web, they are talking about websites that are not reachable by normal “web browsers”

To access them you need to use the Tor browser because it connects to the network (Internet) where the deep web pages are located.

The Deep web is a place OPEN for EVERYONE where you can host several services like websites, all different kind of services, IM, Radio, Video, etc.

Exactly the same as open Internet, with the difference that it runs under the Tor network. This is an anonymous, non centralized Network which grants a huge level of anonymity to its users!



What the Deep web is NOT is a place were are all the hackers, were drugs/weapons are sold or a pedophile paradise!

What the Deep web is. An anonymous Internet open for everyone.

But not everyone is the same! And some groups like Hackers, pedophiles, drug dealers, etc. Found it quite useful to be anonymous 🙂 So they use it as much as they can, and websites/markets offering “illegal” or not so “moral” items and articles. Created by them, started to emerge all over the Deep web, to that “section” of the Network we call it by Dark web.

The Dark web is not the Deep web and is far away from the real idea behind the Deep web.


Why people don’t know anything about the deep web? Most don’t even know it really exists. It’s way beyond me! It seems to be the obvious reason is that, its not in Governments and even the Dark web users best interest’s for the truth to be told. The deep web is under NO ONE control. The last real Anarchist bastion out there.



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Second Brazil Whatsapp Block Overturned

Whatsapp Block Overturned

Whatsapp Block Overturned


Facebook Inc’s (FB.O) Chief Govt Mark Zuckerberg referred to as on Brazilians to demand his company’s WhatsApp messaging service never be blocked once more when an appeals court on Tuesday overturned the appliance’s second suspension in five months.

In a post in English on his Facebook page, the U.S. billionaire and Facebook founder urged Brazilians to gather outside Congress in the capital Brasilia at 6 p.m. (170zero EDT) on Wednesday to rally in favor of legislation that might stop Internet services from being blocked.

WhatsApp was stop in Brazil at 2 p.m. (130zero EDT) on Monday once a decide in the remote northeastern state of Sergipe ordered Brazil’s 5 main wireless operators to block access to the app for seventy two hours. The reason for the order wasn’t made public.
The suspension of WhatsApp’s text message and Internet voice phonephone service for smartphones was lifted when concerning twenty four hours when an appeals judge on Tuesday dominated in favor of an injunction by the company’s lawyers, the court said in a very statement. Some a hundred million users were affected. Continue reading

Look who’s back – Movie

look whos back


About Look who’s back movie

What would happen if Hitler would wake up in the 21st century?

This is one of the many questions that the German director David Wnendt will answer in this hilarious movie.
In Look who’s back Adolf Hitler turns back to life in the year of 2014, on the center of Germany. Obviously the persons do not believe he is the real Hitler, they take him for a crazy lunatic, but he uses that for his own advantage. Rapidly he gains the media attention and starts to gather a following.

The movie is a comedy, but a rather dark one, and there are a lot of social messages in it. I was quite amazed by how the German government as allowed a movie like this to be done in Germany. Continue reading


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